The Sobieszewo Island is a unique place, with wild nature, interesting history and plenty of space for sports or just rest.

Every season has something to offer here. Of course, the SUMMER reigns with sunbathing and sea bathing on a sandy beach. You can rest on a guarded beach, surrounded by tourist infrastructures, or more on the sidelines. In summer it is also possible to take a cruise on the Vistula River. “Na Pogodnej” cooperates with the owner of the cutter, organizing cruises around the Vistula estuary, where you can observe seals. AUTUMN on the island is a variety of forest colors, mushrooms and migrations of thousands of birds. The autumn and spring storms are demonstrations of elemental forces that leave precious amber pieces on the beach. WINTER means an incredible calm, when the sea revels in its icy beauty. For enthusiasts – comfortable routes for cross-country skiing.

Thanks to favorable weather all year round, cyclists, hikers and riders can take a route of several kilometers along the shores of the island and through its center. A spacious beach is also used by golf enthusiasts to practice, and kitesurfers for seawater.

The nature reserves: “Ptasi Raj” and “Mewia Łacha” are particularly interesting destinations. The habitats of many bird species are protected here, where they find a breeding ground for foraging and resting during seasonal migrations. The entire island of Sobieszewo has the status of protected natural area.

One of the main advantages of the island is its affiliation to the agglomeration of Tri-City, which means efficient public transport and easy access by car to historic buildings, cultural institutions (including the Solidarity Center European or World War II Museum) and sports and commercial centers. From the Neptune fountain to Długi Targ, we are about 15 km. In summer, there is the tram that connects Sobieszewo to the tourist center of the city. The island of Sobieszewo is also an ideal base for trips to Malbork.

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