Sobieszewo Island is a unique place on earth, with wild nature, interesting history and a space to practice some sport or just lay down and enjoy the sun!
A wide sandy beach by the Baltic sea invites to take a walk and find a peaceful place to rest, maybe even hidden at the feet of the dune. There are many paths to deviate and let yourself be lead to the reserve, by the lake or by the river... The Island invites you to the journeys like that, as its size matches skills of the walker and there is always water in the end :)

Every season offers you something different. The SUMMER means sunbathing on the sandy beach or swimming in the sea. You can choose a place to rest between the guarded beach surrounded by the full touristic infrastructure, and more savage area, that often means – the more peaceful one. You can practice different kinds of sport not only by the sea, but also by the river (canoeing and sailing). Some parts of the Island have a spirit of a fisherman's village and you can go for a trip by a keelboat there.
AUTUMN on the Island means wonderful colors of the trees, forest full of mushrooms and migration of the thousands of birds. Along with the SPRING these are the seasons of violent storms, demonstrating the force of the sea and leaving behind them some precious pieces of amber. In WINTER you can experience an incredible peace and watch the nearly-frozen sea and the forest covered by snow. There are some great routs for a cross-country skiing or nordic walking, in other season available for biking or horse riding.

But the most beautiful and interesting places to visit are two nature reserves: „Ptasi Raj” („Birds Paradise”) and „Mewia Łacha” („The Seagull Shoal”).
The first one occupying the north-western tip of the Island is 198 ha in area. It embraces two coastal lakes: the larger called Bird Paradise („Ptasi Raj„) and the smaller called Crucian Carp („Karaś„). You can find water fowl and wading birds in this area, resting in the course of their migrations. The name of the reserve comes from dense floks that stop here temporarily. Here they can feast and build up strenght before resuming their flight.
The second of Island Reserves is situated on its north eastern part (19 ha) and also on the other bank of the Vistula Cut. Its name comes from the extensive sandy bar formed of the matter the Vistula River imports and accumulates here. The sandy stetch and its waters are periodically flocked with myriad of birds (mainly seagulls, terns, and the plover family). (source: http://www.en.gdansk.gda.pl/tourists,7,40.html).
Other attractions on the Island:

  • evangelical steles from XVIIIth century by the Holy Mother of La Salette Sanctuary in Sobieszewo

  • antique canal lock in Przegalina (built in 1889-1895)

  • Touristic Route of the Sobieszewo Island (by foot, 10 km.) and a Bike Route of Wincenty Pol (24 km.)

  • Memorial Home of polish poet and voyager Wincenty Pol.